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Details: 2:30 p.m. March 10, Skyline High School Performing Arts Center, 12250 Skyline Blvd., Oakland; and 7 p.m. March 13, Castro Valley High School Performing Arts Center, 19501 Redwood Rd., Castro Valley; $15-50; 510-893-3132, SF Performances presents British choreographer Wayne McGregor’s latest work “Autobiography,” an evening-length work partly inspired by the information gleaned from getting his DNA sequenced. The piece pairs 23 formative experiences/memories with the 23 chromosomes, offering another step in his ongoing work enfolding dance, science, technology, philosophy, and current events within his kinetic movement vocabulary.Details: 7:30 p.m. March 8-10; YCBA Theater, 700 Howard St., San Francisco; $40-$65; 415-392-2545;

The Albright Way controversy surfaced again, as supporters ballet flats philippines of the Los Gatos Economic Development and Jobs Retention Initiative began circulating petitions asking voters to put a measure on the June 3, 2014, ballot that would, in essence, approve the same development the town council OK’d last June, Signature gatherers were in front of stores all over town, asking voters to sign the petitions, And just before Thanksgiving, voters received a glossy mailer explaining the proposed ballot measure, The mailer states it was paid for by “We Support Los Gatos, a coalition of Parents, Neighbors and Small Business Owners, with major Funding by LG Business Park, LLC.”..

But these women weren’t flappers, or at least not flappers in the way we think of them. Many bobbed their hair; almost all took off their corsets. But few had the means to wreak the sort of societal havoc that sparked widespread anxiety amongst the Victorian generation. So where did the figure of the flapper come from? From the media, of course — as with the hippie or the goth, the media used several high-profile women to amplify the flapper’s existence and the anxiety that accompanied it. A very small selection of women possessed the means, the visibility, and the gumption to act out the sort of social and cultural rebellion that millions of women would modify and apply, on a much smaller scale, to their own lives and sensibilities.

“Who is that!” he asked, pushing past me for a closer look, Prince was so ballet flats philippines radically different from anyone else in both the music he created and in the way he presented himself to the world, He was a petite, androgynous man who wore ruffled shirts, mascara and high heels, He had a thing about the color purple, And yet he became this huge sex symbol, With each passing decade, Prince has continued to reinvent himself and his music, He no longer performs some of the more graphic songs from that earlier period..

She will continue work with Pointe of Departure, which has performances in Cleveland this summer. Gabay has danced with Ballet San Jose from its beginnings in Cleveland, and has been with the company for 34 seasons. She has been present through changes that have shaped the company, which was founded by former artistic Dennis Nahat. Of course, Gabay has many special memories, and some of her favorite moments, she says, were “the premiere of ballets that were specifically choreographed on me, like Romeo & Juliet or Coppelia, or Nutcracker was my very first year in the company and I got to do Dennis’ Maria in that production.”.



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