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ballet hair bow

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ballet hair bow

ballet hair bow

“I’ve gotten so much working with dancers who are more mature,” she says. “It’s really rich terrain. In the music, poetry and dance, we use stumble and stutter as central metaphor, with the text giving context, content and form.”. Details: 8 p.m. Jan. 11-12, 3 p.m., Jan. 13 at 3153 17th St., San Francisco, $18-$24, 415-863-9834,; and 8 p.m. Jan. 17-20, Motion at the Mill, 131 Front St., Santa Cruz, $16-$22, 831-457-1838,

Details: 8 p.m, Aug, 4-6, 2 p.m, Aug, 7; Lucie Stern Theatre, Palo Alto; $19-$80; 650-463-1960,, 7 “DO BE”: This production is a collaboration between the San Francisco electro-acoustic chamber music outfit Living Earth Show and Bay Area modern dance troupe Post:Ballet, who describe “Do Be” as a boundary-pushing work that “couples absurdity and silliness with gloom and chaos to put a magnifying glass to the things we take for ballet hair bow granted in our own lives.” It plays Aug, 4-6 at Z Space performance complex in San Francisco..

The two writers have filled this story of a lonely young woman looking for romance with snappy dialogue, clever lyrics and lively music. Cutting some dialogue and eliminating a few songs, however, would enhance the show greatly. The writers agreed and already have cuts in mind, especially to the overly long Act I. One song, I’m sure will stay is “Cowgirl Strip,” a funny yet touching number beautifully performed by Linda Sciacqua (Emily) and Sal Russo (Howard) that practically had the sold-out opening night audience on its feet.

“I’m sure Em had seen it before, but it was super cool and I wanted to text it to her,” Bohlka said, “Even after a year, I catch myself.”, The little pieces from life that they shared with each other is what Bohlka misses about his daughter, After she died, Bohlka went through a trying several months, He spoke with a therapist and got support from friends and family, both his and his daughter’s, Em’s long-range plans were to move to New York and get involved with the ballet hair bow fight for transgender rights, For a while, he thought about how he could continue the mission that his daughter had started. Bohlka is a professional photographer and although he wasn’t ready at first, he has now started photographing people in different stages of their transition, Em started hormone therapy for her transition in late September, and was nervous in front of the camera and in public, sensitive to how she was presenting herself..

ARF will honor compassionate individuals and groups who help make ARF’s dreams a reality. Award honorees include Central Garden & Pet, Nestle Purina PetCare Company and Gil and Sunee Leona. Tickets are available for $500 by calling Holli Hargrove at 925-296-3154 or visiting Men of Merit Honorees for this year are Congressman George Miller, Lieutenant Jim Alcorn, Daniel Beath, DeVone Boggan, John Boylan, Max Bridges, Tim Calvin, Mike Fields, Robert Gomez, Christian Hutchings, Milton Johnson, Isidro Llanos, Armando Martinez-Lopez, Kenny McGaugh, Michael Pitts, Timothy Russell and Jerry Zimmerman.



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