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ballet shoes with straps

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ballet shoes with straps

Now King has ushered Fischer into a different kind of exalted space. Always looking for creative communion, she’s found a new way to unleash the power of her voice. Rather than standing 20 feet from the action, she’s surrounded by it, creating the score for the LINES dancers to explore the intricacies of human relationships. “I watch the dancers move and breathe in that special place they inhabit as creative spirits and, as I take it all in, I think to myself ‘Wow, we express it differently but the source is the same,’ ” she wrote. “It’s such a thrill!”.

Gallery 9 Los Altos, “Light’s Pleasures,” landscapes in oil by Susan Varjavand, Through March 1, Reception for the artist, 5 p.m.-7:30 p.m, Feb, 6, Gallery 9, 143 ballet shoes with straps Main St., Los Altos, 650-941-7969 or, Mountain View City Hall, “That’s Too Funny!” Community School of Music and Arts Student and Faculty Art Show, Through Feb, 20, Opening reception 3-6 p.m, Feb, 6, City Hall Rotunda, 500 Castro St., Mountain View, Free, or 650-917-6800, ext, 306..

More than a staple of the holidays, the ballet has come to embody the season as surely as Christmas trees, wreaths, and carols. With Tchaikovsky’s spirited score and E. T. A. Hoffmann’s fantastical narrative (via Alexandre Dumas’s adaptation), “The Nutcracker” seems capable of surviving any calamity or choreographer. Fortunately, Bay Area productions tend to bring out the best in the ballet. Here are our picks for top holiday dance offerings. “The Hard Nut,” Mark Morris Dance Group: After five long years the long drought is over! I love “The Nutcracker” as much as any other dance aficionado, with a ballet-smitten daughter harboring sugar plum fairy dreams. But reverence doesn’t mean avoiding a boozy good time, which is what Morris provides in “The Hard Nut,” the choreographer’s hilarious retelling of the familiar tale set in swinging 1970s suburbia. Set to Tchaikovsky’s complete score, performed live by members of the Berkeley Symphony and the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir, the fabulous production includes 33 dancers and Morris reprising the role of Dr. Stahlbaum.

Bay Area Dance Week kicks off at noon Friday on Union Square with One Dance, a performance hosted by Rhythm & Motion Dance at which the public is invited to join in on iconic dance moves from the Charleston and the twist to the funky chicken and the moon walk (to see a tutorial on this year’s dance, or highlights of last year’s One Dance, go to, Running through May 4 with more than 600 free classes, performances, open rehearsals and lecture demonstrations, the celebration is essentially an invitation to explore the Bay Area’s dance possibilities as a curious observer ballet shoes with straps or active participant..

I’m on a hippie bus. A rolling commune on a road trip to the Summer of Love. No, not in 1967, but just now in 2017, on a two-hour, time-warped, phantasmagorical journey with San Francisco’s Magic Bus tour. It takes guests through S.F.’s hippie history — the music, the flower children, the Haight – and back to that famous, hallucinogenic summer. All without dropping any (real) acid. They give you peppermint candies for pretend LSD. This trippy trip begins on a gray, drab Saturday morning in Union Square. In the shadow of Macy’s, herds of huge, shiny, modern tour buses – tools of The Man, no doubt – huddle together, vying for curb space and the all-mighty tourism dollar. But soon, our transcendental transportation arrives — a funky, bubble-spewing bus of many colors. Somebody must have totally spilled Electric Kool-Aid all over this thing.



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