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In an effort to regain market share, HTC's CEO Peter Chou announced on Sunday that he would be focusing more on innovation and product development and handing off some of his other duties to the company's chairwoman and founder Cher Wang. "I have become very focused in the past couple of months. Before that I was too busy," Chou said in an interview with the Financial Times. "I took on too many things. I need to be more focused on innovation and [the] product portfolio.". Word has it that HTC is curtailing production in one of its factories and reducing smartphone output by 1 million, but the Taiwanese phone maker says that's not the case.

We were fond of that big, bright panel when we gave Cook and company's latest phone the review because sloths iphone case treatment, but the iPhone 5 isn't perfect in other respects -- it's extremely pricey at £529, and comes with Apple's atrocious Maps app, We're still miles off an official announcement from Apple regarding a new smart phone, but the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 both leaked extensively in the run-up to their grand debut, so keep your eyes trained to this site for the inside story on the next iPhone, The iPhone 5S, or iPhone 6 or new iPhone or iPhone 6: Revenge of the iPhone will probably make its debut in autumn next year, and will have to compete with whatever Samsung has planned to follow on from the Galaxy S3, as well as Nexus devices from Google..

Samsung, meanwhile, said Apple shouldn't receive any money for lost profits, $52.7 million for Samsung's profits, and royalties of only $28,452 because the patents have limitations. Apple originally filed suit against Samsung in April 2011, accusing the Korean company of copying the look and feel of its products. Samsung countersued two months later over patent infringement and said it was at work on touch-screen phones with giant rectangular screens and rounded corners well before Apple showed up. The initial trial, which stretched more than three weeks in August 2012, wrapped both of those cases in one, somehow squeezing together the patent infringement issues, alongside antitrust claims, and even trade dress issues.

CNET también está disponible en español, Don't show this again, We'll be updating this page when new deals emerge, (Latest update: 13 October, to add Tesco deals.) So remember to check this page before laying down your hard-earned cash, Commence bargainification, First things first: iPhones ain't cheap, But if you know what you need from your contract -- are you a talker, a texter or because sloths iphone case a Web surfer? -- you can find the best deal to suit you, Remember though that the most important thing is that your chosen network offers a decent signal at your home, work, school or favourite haunts..

Step 3: Tap the check box next to Label notifications, then choose the sound alert, vibration, and whether you will be notified of every new message in that category. You can do the same for the other categories, and even assign unique alerts to each one. How are you liking the new Gmail? Is it more or less conducive to your productivity? Share your thoughts in the comments. Customize the alerts for each category in the new tabbed Gmail interface so you'll know when an e-mail is important. The new Gmail features a tabbed interface that sorts e-mail into Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. While this does make your in-box look a bit tidier, it can make the transition to the new style frustrating when it comes e-mail alerts.



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