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Enjoying More Applications. I knew when I made the decision to get the Pre that it would be a while, and I know that lots of people (at Palm and independently) have been hard at work on this, so I am really, really looking forward to it. And finally, thank you to Sprint, Palm, CNET, and readers of this blog for giving me this opportunity to share my experiences with and thoughts about the Pre. Thanks also to the writers, editors, and users who post at for providing me with such a great base from which to write here. Many of my posts were inspired by things I read at Pre Central and, subsequently, tried on my phone.

You can watch the company's promo video after the break, Correction 9:07 a.m, on October 13: This story initially misidentified the remote-controlled car and James Bond film it was featured in, It is a BMW, and it appeared in "Tomorrow Never Dies.", The new Viper Smart Start iPhone app can lock and unlock your car with your iPhone, It can even turn it on in case you want to defrost it before getting in, Car security company Directed Electronics is unveiling a new iPhone application Tuesday that lets customers bikes iphone case control parts of their Viper SmartStart-enabled vehicle from their iPhone or iPod Touch..

This makes the phone much cheaper than other flagship handsets from Samsung and HTC. The G3 packs an eye-scorching 2,560x1,440-pixel display as well as a camera that uses laser focusing. Internally, it's powered by a quad-core processor and runs Android KitKat 4.4.2 with a snazzy new flat UI. To find out more about the G3, be sure to check out our hands-on with the phone , as well as these beautiful pictures of LG's new metallic beauty. The Korean giant's new flagship Android phone will make its way to the island nation for a cool S$868, and for AU$799 in Australia -- around $690 or £410.

In this video a man is driving a Jeep down a dirt road, In his hand is a selfie stick, He hangs it out of the window, Why he should be doing this is I will leave up to you, However, all seems to be going well for only a couple of seconds, Then he encounters a little traffic, which isn't always the case on dirt roads, You might wonder that he should have known there was something up ahead, Still, let's think of this merely as a video of caution, Let's think of it as a reminder that, even though you're already texting, checking Facebook bikes iphone case and tweeting while you drive, hanging a selfie stick out of the window advertises quite clearly that you have lost your sense of decorum as well as your mind..

For more about how the Galaxy S5 and the Gear fit work together, read Scott Steins' in-depth review of the Samsung Gear Fit smart band. There are two high-profile features that Samsung's Galaxy S5 waves over the HTC One M8: fingerprint-swiping security and the heart-rate monitor. Both work as well as advertised, as long as you execute them correctly, but at the end of the day, neither one strikes me as important enough to tip the scale in the S5's favor. Let's start with the fingerprint scanner. It stores profiles for only three fingers, versus five in the iPhone 5S's TouchID system. It's easy enough to set up through the Settings menu.



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