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But Verizon's Mead said that isn't the case at all, "We will put this spectrum to use quickly buy iphone 6s plus cases online - clear case to expand our LTE network," he said, "We are confident that the FCC and Department of Justice will understand that this deal is good for Verizon customers and good for the broadband economy."He noted that the company also plans to sell some of its 700MHz spectrum that it doesn't plan to use right away, "This clearly indicates [that] we aren't interested in warehousing spectrum," he said, "We think these initiatives show we are responsible stewards of spectrum."Dan Mead takes an opportunity at CTIA to tell the audience that Verizon needs more spectrum and defend his company's plan to buy it from cable companies..

Also today, a judge in Spain ordered Uber to end all operations in the country, reported Spanish newspaper El Pais. Uber drivers have no official authorization to operate the service and are competing unfairly with licensed taxi drivers, a mercantile court judge in Madrid said in a writ. It's a refrain Uber has faced from the country's Madrid Taxi Association, which has filed a lawsuit against the ride-sharing service. Bans in Thailand and Spain add even more fuel to the a fire that continues to rage for the five-year-old, San Francisco-based Uber. The company continues to face legal challenges from governments and taxi companies around the world, while recent controversies over safety and privacy have tarnished its reputation.



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