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According to the sources, the unnamed phone -- most likely the Galaxy S5 -- will debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February. The iris scanner is likely to work like the iPhone 5S's handy fingerprint scanner, meaning you can use your own unique biometrics to unlock the screen. A reliable, secure eye scanner would be harder to fool than a fingerprint detector, but would need a very high resolution camera. Read more of "Samsung Galaxy S5 set to one-up iPhone with eye scanner" on CNET UK.

Samsung hasn't decided when the R will go on sale here in Blighty, but it is in the hands of lucky Swedes already, Samsung has said the phone's 'coming soon' to the rest of Europe and Asia, The Galaxy R is the first Samsung smart phone to be powered by a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 iphone case ebay processor, and will have access to its very own games in the Tegra Zone app, The Samsung Galaxy R will be the first Galaxy smart phone to pack the dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 chip, The Android-powered phone will arrive hard on the heels of the popular Samsung Galaxy S2 -- and it will even have its own games..

I've seen a bunch of Instagram users ask, "Does anyone else use Stories? What am I missing?" You're missing a lot, homeslice. Stories are a way to, well, make a story that your followers can feel like they are a part of the moment. They can be a string of photos or a video that captures a moment, day or event in your life. Here's everything you need to know about creating Stories. Want to make another account that features your hobby, your kids, or just something different than your personal account? Well, you can. Instagram lets you have up to five accounts, and it even links them so you don't need to log in and out to switch accounts.

Such increased functionality gives people a reason to use their wearables, says Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin, "People have really figured iphone case ebay out what they want [a wearable] for, and they're using it just for that, Because of that, they're not abandoning them at the same rate."That's been true for Julie Travers, 56, president of Julie Travers Marketing Services, who says she's worn her Apple Watch Series 2 every day since she got it in April, An avid runner, she wanted a smartwatch that could track her workouts and also let her see incoming calls and texts without her having to pull out her phone..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. This auction was relatively modest by past standards, but much attention isfocused on two upcoming auctions that should involve most of the majorwireless phone providers, including Nextel Communications, SBCCommunications, Verizon Communications, Sprint PCS and DeutscheTelekom-backed VoiceStream Communications. The FCC just opened a majorwireless auction to large bidders such as Nextel by removing a requirementthat the bidder be a small company for some licenses, and by breaking thelicenses into smaller pieces so companies could buy several licenses in different locationsand still fit under the national spectrum cap the FCC has in placeto ensure multiple wireless competitors.



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