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The Evo 4G will be available this summer, but Sprint did not announce pricing details for the handset or its WiMax plans. The HTC EVO 4G uses Sprint's WiMax network and runs on Android OS 2.1. LAS VEGAS--To no one's surprise, Sprint kicked off CTIA 2010 here by announcing its first 4G phone. The HTC Evo 4G is not only the carrier's first WiMax cell phone--previously the carrier only has offered 4G laptop cards and the Samsung Mondi--but also the first commercially available 4G handset with a major U.S. carrier. The Evo runs Google Android OS 2.1; finally, a new Android phone meets the world with the latest Android OS available.

If these rumors are true, the change could allow Apple to catch iphone case popsocket up to its chief rival, Samsung, in offering the technology, A few years ago, Samsung highlighted the absence of NFC in iPhones when trying to pitch its Galaxy smartphones, Many of Samsung's Galaxy phones can share content such as photos or a music playlist by simply bumping the backs of the phones together, NFC can also be used to pair smartphones to other devices, such as cameras and wireless headphones and speakers, simply by placing a phone in close proximity to compatible devices..

Partnership brings more tech cred to VeriFone in its battle in the mobile payments arena, where it's squared off against well-funded start-ups. and iPhone software." credit="VeriFone" alt="" creditUrl="" targetUrl=""/>. The mobile payments race took an interesting turn today with an announcement from VeriFone and PayPal. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The list of semifinalists includes developers who have come to make a name for themselves already, Hexage, an existing game developer, has a pair of games competing in the next round, Both its Radiant and Totemo are prime examples of Android gaming done right, Two other notables, FlyScreen, and BuzzDeck, have a similar appeal but operate in two different capacities, BuzzDeck helps to extend the web experience for Android handsets by using iphone case popsocket dozens of "cards," from RSS streams, social networking services, and Web services, You can swipe through the cards and pull the latest information from their respective feeds..

The result was an almost schizophrenic unfocused identity that left consumers confused as to what exactly this device was for. Was it a productivity device for mom or an entertainment gadget for the kids? By straddling that line it ultimately appealed to neither demographic in any great number. Surface needs a stronger identity and one that alienates the fewest consumers possible. Here's where Nokia comes in. Though its Lumia line of phones do come in plain old black and white, its the approachable colorful phones that make Lumias stand out from the pack, with a consistent and distinct style that's all its own.



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