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CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. Intellispace, a broadband service provider, named William Viqueira as its new chief financial officer. The 37-year-old Viqueira previously served as senior vice president of business development for Lucent Technologies. Viqueira handled mergers and acquisitions for Lucent and worked in the M&A department at investment bank Merrill Lynch. Intellispace uses Ethernet technology to deliver high-speed Internet access to business customers.

By tapping on the Buddy option again, you can check on your candy-finding progress, At the top of the screen you can see how far you've walked your buddy, total, This number has nothing to do with candy, it's just a summary of how far you've walked this particular iphone screen protector for 6s plus buddy, Underneath the Pokemon's avatar you can see the kilometers walked compared with how far you still need to go to get candy, There's also a gauge around the buddy's avatar next to your trainer's avatar on the map screen that shows your progress..

An HTC representative declined to comment. CNET contacted Google for comment, and we'll update the story when the company responds. For HTC, the Nexus 8 would be another bright spot for a company that has significantly slimmed down its product portfolio, with much of its hope riding on a few mass-market smartphones and its flagship HTC One M8. The company previously attempted to build a tablet, the Android-powered HTC Flyer, but failed to make a mark with consumers. It was later altered and sold by Sprint as the HTC Evo View 4G, but it similarly saw a lukewarm response.

The expansion covers cities such as Washington, D.C., Indianapolis, Ind., Boston and Baltimore, T-Mobile has been striving to maintain the perception iphone screen protector for 6s plus that it is business as usual for the carrier, That's despite a deal for AT&T to scoop up T-Mobile, which is currently going through the approval process, The carrier's faster network will reach an additional 56 markets, and provide average connection speeds of 10 megabits per second, T-Mobile USA said today that it has extended its faster wireless network to an additional 56 markets as it looks to keep pace in the speed game even with the looming takeover by AT&T..

Vudu has an app which is nice, and unlike the iPad, allows for downloading video for offline viewing. However, you'll be limited to SD quality. Google Play, unsurprisingly, has the best support for Android. Indeed, having an Android device is the only way to get HD content from Google Play and to have it offline. KindleWant to view your video content on a Kindle? Amazon supports it, of course. It also makes it very clear exactly what your download quality options are, which I like. FYI, 720p shows as the maximum rather than 1080p because the Kindle Fire HD I own can only do 720p. The bigger Kindle Fire HD 8.9 can do 1080p.



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