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The refreshed Touch may get a new name too -- possibly the Kindle Paperwhite -- or this label could be used to describe its new, higher-res, backlit screen. Earlier this week The Verge also noted that Amazon had yanked both versions of the Kindle Touch from its US site -- fuelling speculation that new versions are incoming. Since the Touch is still up for grabs on the UK Amazon site, any Touch refresh may well be US-only. This week Amazon also reported the $199 Kindle Fire slate has grabbed more than a fifth (22 per cent) of the US tablet market since it launched last year -- leaving UK gadget fans to stare wistfully over the pond.

FeelUnique's Newby Hands -- no, that's not the name of a tech device designed to free your hands so that you can take better selfies, It's the name of the company's editorial director -- told the Mirror: "It isn't about us becoming a nation of narcissists, but more a new way to share our ideas and inspirations."She is so right, It's just that our ideas and inspirations all appear to revolve around a narcissism that even most artists would find depressing, Naturally, you iphone screen protector tesco will look at the age range most at risk here and tell yourself that one of the reasons for all the selfie-objectification is the attempt to attract the target sex, Indeed, around 30 percent admitted that this was a motivation, But this means two-thirds are doing it for pure, unadulterated selfie-aggrandisement..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don't show this again. Sounds like SMS short codes, right? But there's a big difference: to get data from the Zoove service, you dial your phone. That is you press a code, like "**coke," then the Talk key. It's just like making a call. Except that instead of talking to a person, you get sent the information you're requesting. Sending a short code is a lot more involved: you have to go to your messaging window, address the message (the short code), and then, most likely, enter a message keyword. Only then can you send off your message. Zoove "StarStar" codes take no training and are faster to use. They'll work better on billboards.

10:49 a.m.: Erica Ogg: On to security, the most important area, "The bad guys have it easy on the Web these days," Pichai says, That's because users don't update iphone screen protector tesco their browsers frequently enough, "It's never possible to design a perfectly secure system," though, 10:50 a.m.: Erica Ogg: So Google has full automatic updates for users, Also it's adding sandboxing, which means in case a bad piece of code gets in your browser, it's contained in your browser and doesn't compromise the rest of your data, "Chrome is the only true sandbox in a modern browser," according to Pichai..

"This is a necessary move," Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi said. "It's important to keep momentum but also to get people to buy other stuff and not just phones."One way Samsung will do that is through discounts. Already, the company is bundling devices together. Anyone who preordered the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge earlier this year got a free Gear VR headset. Samsung offered that promotion again last week. And if you preorder the Galaxy S7 Active, announced Monday and available only at AT&T, you'll get a Gear S2 or 8-inch Galaxy Tab E tablet for 99 cents.



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