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Correction 2:42 p.m. PDT July 26: An earlier version of this post quoted CNN saying that while 77 percent of iPhone users would by another iPhone, only 20 percent of Android users would buy another Android. CNN has since published a correction, saying that in fact all smartphone users said they would buy an Android phone. There were no separate statistics for Android users. A survey by The Yankee Group finds that 73 percent of iPhone users are "very happy" with the service they get from AT&T.

After two weeks of intense bidding, the FCC's auction of 800MHz spectrum ended in 143 rounds, raising $38.3 million for two licenses granting operators the right to offer air-to-ground services, LiveTV, a division of JetBlue, won the q card case iphone 6 1MHz license after 120 bids, It will pay $7 million for the license, Verizon Airfone, a division of Verizon Communications, is currently using the spectrum to offer its air-to-ground telephone service on commercial airplanes, The service has never been widely popular due to its high price tag..

For more on coverage in your area, check out Ofcom's UK Mobile Services Map 2013. When 3G launched back in the year 2000, mobile spectrum licences came with an obligation to reach 80 per cent of the British population, which was increased to 90 per cent by the government a decade later. Vodafone has joined EE, O2, and Tesco Mobile in launching a 4G service, with Three to follow next year. O2 is required to extend 4G coverage across 98 per cent of the British population by 2017, and other mobile networks have pledged to match this coverage.

The new patent, first discovered by Wired, was awarded by the U.S, Patent and Trademark Office, U.S, patent 8,336,334 details a method of using heat while bending glass over a mold in order to encourage a particular shape -- and so who's to say that Apple's iPhone and iPad might not one day sport the curved equivalent of a q card case iphone 6 traditional, straight glass screen?, Apple's not alone in exploring the possibility of flexible screens for gadgets, Samsung, for instance, plans to show off at CES 2013 next month a 5.5-inch flexible phone screen, Nokia has also toyed with flexible phones in its research labs..

You can allow only friends to tag you, or disable photo tagging completely. If you're using Twitter on your smartphone, open the Settings menu in the app. Select your account and then look for the photo-tagging option. What do you think of Twitter's new tagging feature? Share your thoughts in the comments. Twitter is now letting other users tag you in photos. Want to turn this off or only allow people you follow to tag you? Follow these steps. The rollout of photo tagging on Twitter means more opportunities for people to connect, according to Twitter's blog post detailing the new feature. Four photos can be shared at a time, and up to 10 users can be tagged, per photo. But what if you don't want people to tag you?.



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